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Posting Rules

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 05, 2016 2:47 pm

For those of you who haven't really used a forum for roleplay before, here are some helpful hints and rules to make things easy.

Ground Rules
These are kind of.obvious, but I am putting them here anyways.
1. Don't start arguements/insult other players. It's fine to have little squabbles in character, but don't take it too far.
2. No real world racism or hate speech or any kind.
3. Avoid real world politics, and other such hot hutton issues.
4. Do not post non-tasteful nude pictures, or describe in depth sexual acts. If your character is going to make out or have sex, we don't need all the details. (The rules of the forum host does not allow sexual content). And.obviously, avoid the subject of rape.
5. If someone out of character tells you they are uncomfortable about something you are doing and wants you to stop, then stop.
6. Other rules may be added as necessary.

Talking out of Character (OOC)
If you want to talk out of character in an area that is not in the OOC Forum, it helps to make it clear that you aren't talking in character. A lot of confusion can be had that way. There are a number of simple ways to differentiate your OOC speech from your character. You can either use one of the following methods, or your own.

- Surround your OOC text with brackets or parenthesis [[ Text here. ]] (( Text here. ))
- Write OOC: before the text, and OC: when you begin in character again in the same post.
- Bold or italicize your OOC text. Text here. Text here.
- Give your OOC text a different color. Text here.

Posting Order
Generally, unless otherwise mentioned, there is no order of who posts when. However, unless you have something minor to post, or are simply talking IC or OOC, while we are in a thread for role-playing, you should wait until everyone else participating has posted before you post again. The exception to this is the GM, who posts as appropriate for their role (generally between each player's posts unless otherwise stated).

If someone has not posted within 24 hours, everyone is free to make another post. If you guys would like a longer wait time before skipping people, we can do that.

Being Descriptive
We don't expect posts to be novels and poetry about what your character is doing. When you are posting in character,.though, try to add little nuances that tell us how your character is doing something, or what they might be thinking. Just think about an adventure novel or a comic book.

Examples: "I attack the big guy." vs "Jimjim stares down the hulk of a beast for a short while, before gritting his teeth and mustering the courage for a charging slash aimed at the creature's hulking thigh."

"My character knows these things have fire attacks." vs "Jimjim once had witnessed such a creature skulking in the night when he was a child. Thankfully, he was not its target, but instead a deer, which the monster doused with flames spewed from its mouth, roasting the poor doe alive.

If yiu can't come up with anything to add though, don't worry about it.

Taking a Leave or Quitting
Understandably, sometimes people have other things to do, or might not want to play the game. If you will have an extended period without being able to play, or are no longer interested in playing, just let us know. It's better than leaving the rest of us guessing what is going on.

During an absence, we can either pause the game (and note current character info) to play a side game or simply wait, or we could continue to play without them, as per the player's request.

If you simply don't want to play the current game we're playing, we could always consider making a secondary one. Or, if enough people want to switch, ditch it entirely. It is entirely possible for us to have multiple games running at once on here.


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Re: Posting Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 07, 2016 7:19 pm

Should have mentioned this before, but in Tavern Tales, the players are allowed to narrate their own Good Tales. This means that if you roll and know you got a positive result, may then post the positive effect of your Tale.

The exception is if you are unsure of what the outcome may be, such as if you are attempting to spot something you do not know what it is, or if you simply wish the GM to narrate it for you.

Examples of Narration:
- You get a good tale on an attempt to find a someone for directions. You can say "I manage to find a.local farmer who's out repairing his truck. He's been around the block a.couple times and would definitely know the way."
- You get a good tale on an attempt to shoot someone. You can say "My bullet strikes home and runs fully through his body! "

However, unless the GM allows otherwise, such as if you have a very cool idea for one, only the GM may narrate a Bad Tale. Some examples using the above might be:
- You ask him for directions, but he rants for an hour first about how he is in love with his truck, and wishes they could marry, wasting your precious time.'
- You did hit him, but in his death throes he pulls the trigger of his gun, spraying wildly and knicking you in the process.


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