Introduction to The World

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Introduction to The World

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 11, 2016 3:25 am

Welcome to the harsh reality you now live in. Life is often expensive, corporations are almost always corrupt, and death is the norm in people's lives. Every planet inhabited by humans has their own forces of vigilantes or police, which are each in turn monitored by The Great Order, a universe-spanning law force with the power to arrest or kill even world leaders. Their brutal tactics and lack of tolerance often results in the latter. However, their eyes are not everywhere, and both high populations and lack of resources often leave local law forces lacking. For this reason, assassins, mercenaries, and independent bounty hunters from about the universe are a real solution to "problems" that arise.

There are a great many planets spanning the universe, though many of them are uninhabitable, and a few infested with aberrant alienoid lifeforms. Traveling within a single system is simple enough, taking only a few days at most for the majority of ships, mostly due to Jump Gates anchored in space which, for a fee, allow for ships to pass through a sort of slipstream in space which greatly decreases the travel from one to the other. Jump Gates that go to other galaxies are much more costly, and can take up to 6 months if going from one end of the Jump Gate's reach to the other one (it does not span across the entire universe, of course).

Some of the major places of note include:
- Earth. By now, most of earth's resources are depleted, and its surface is over-inhabited by squalorous humans who are often exploited as cheap labor for corporations who give them the promise of citizenship on other planets.
- Platia, a heavily protected "planet" completely encased in metal, which houses "The Counters". These Counters manage the economy of the entire universe, having the monetary information of every person using the universal currency from a far-gone era known as the Peace.
- Universal Protection Station, a space station conveniently located only a jump away from Platia. It houses the highest forces of the Great Order, and surrounded by attack satellites that attack any unauthorized vehicles which approach it.
- Dead Space, a zone named as such because even universal monitors will not penetrate their depths. Criminals often live in these zones, which occasionally dot around space, and surround the area of the known universe. It is uncertain if planets even exist beyond this.

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